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Table 2 Characteristics of the studies (managers/implementers)

From: Seasonal influenza vaccination of healthcare workers: systematic review of qualitative evidence

Identifier Population Sample size Country Setting
Hill 2015 [33, 44] Nurses, physicians, infection control staff 7 USA Spinal cord injury centre
Kalayil 2015 [45] Infection prevention staff, occupational health staff 59 USA Hospital
Khodyakov 2014 [28] Employee health staff, infection prevention staff 26 USA Hospital
Leask 2010 [24, 46] Administrative leaders, clinician managers, Department of Health Staff, staff from universities, unions, professional groups 58 Australia Hospital
Lim 2014 [31] Immunisation directors, senior medical advisors, communicable disease directors, public health nurses 21 Australia Hospital
Lindley 2014 [35] NR 18 USA Hospital, nursing home, community health services, home care services
Pianosi 2013 [29] NR 21 Canada University
Quach 2013 [25, 47] Occupational health nurses, occupational health managers, infection control nurses 23 Canada Acute care, continuing care, regional health authorities
Seale 2012 [34] Infection control coordinators, clinical nurse consultants, nurse managers 29 Australia Hospital