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Table 1 Characteristics of the studies (HCWs)

From: Seasonal influenza vaccination of healthcare workers: systematic review of qualitative evidence

Identifier Participants Sample size Country Setting
Clarke 2007 [12] Patient care staff, administrators, directors, research staff, support staff 17 USA Health department, private physician practices, Department of Human Services, university clinics, nursing home, schools, ambulance service
Hwang 2014 [13] Doctors, nurses, pharmacy staff, patient service assistants, healthcare attendants 16 Singapore Primary care
Isaacson 2009 [32] Clinicians, nurses, medical assistants, support staff, office managers 32 USA Primary care
Lehmann 2014 [14] Doctors, nurses, students, other NS 123 Belgium, Germany, Netherlands Hospital
Manuel 2002 [30] Healthcare aides, nursing staff, dietary and maintenance staff 16 Canada Nursing home
Nowak 2015 [15] Physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, physician assistants 215 USA NR
Pierrynowski Gallant 2007 [16, 43] Nurses 11 Canada Long-term care, mental health, acute care, public health
Prematunge 2014 [17] Nurses, administrative/clerical staff, allied HCWs, research staff, technicians, facilities/logistics staff, physicians 3275 Canada Hospital
Quinn 2014 [18] Nurses 11 Ireland Nursing home
Raftopoulos 2008 [19] Nurses 30 Greece Hospital, public health
Real 2013 [26] Nurses, doctors, allied health staff 29 USA Hospital
Rhudy 2010 [20] Nurses 14 USA Hospital
Seale 2016 [21] Nurses, residents/registrars 41 Australia Hospital
Seymour 2014 [22] Public health staff including educators, outreach workers, nurses, dieticians, administrative staff 10 USA Public health
Willis 2007 [23] Nurses 71 USA Hospital
Yassi 2010 [27] Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, unit clerks, physicians, care aides, dietary staff, housekeeping and kitchen staff, occupational therapists, librarians, hairdressers, laboratory staff, home support workers, psychiatric support workers, recreational aides 83 Canada Long-term care, acute care, community care