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Table 2 Type of competitive actions of hospitals and the dimensions use to assess implementation requirements of action

From: Identifying competitive strategies to improve the performance of hospitals in a competitive environment

Competitive actions Implementation requirements of actions (mean)a implementation requirements of actions dimensions
Procurement of new medical equipment 3.9000 High capital should be invested when executing the action.
The management should make significant efforts when executing the action.
Personnel, system or process should be reconfigured when executing the action.
The support of external stakeholders is required when executing the action.
Senior supervisors should announce the execution of the action.
The action should be significantly reported in the internal journals.
Main stakeholders are the targets for responsibility and duty in the execution of the action.
The equipment should be reorganized when executing the action.
High level of cross-department integration is not required when executing the action.
After the execution of the action, the levels of the organizations and authority should have high level of commitment.
Senior supervisors should approve the execution of the action.
Once the action is not executed, the related resources cannot be transferred to other actions.
Enhancement of medical quality 3.9000
Merger and acquisition 3.8625
Development of featured medical service 3.8417
Development of innovative medical service 3.8250
Expansion of service areas 3.7875
Development of medical items upon customers’ expenditure 3.7333
Service improvement/enhancement 3.6875
Change of organizational structure 3.6292
Participation in community service 3.6125
Alliance 3.5917
Acquisition of fair payment of medical cost 3.4958
Share of financial responsibility 3.4792
Different industry cooperation 3.4375
Change of cost structure 3.4208
Delegation affairs unrelated to NHI 3.3917
Medical business outsourcing 3.3542
Price cutting/promotion 3.3083
Non-medical business outsourcing 3.2958
Same industry cooperation 3.2125
Bargaining of procurement 3.1917
  1. aRespondents rated each dimension on five-point scale (1, very low; 5, very high) for each competitive action. The index is mean