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Table 2 Experience with chronic illness reported by the household members in the qualitative study

From: “Helping my neighbour is like giving a loan” –the role of social relations in chronic illness in rural Uganda

  Sex of head of household HIV status of household
Household experience of chronic illness Male Female HIV-non- affected HIV-affected
Had a member with chronic illness 9 7 3 13
Provided care to a household with an ill member so as to access other support 0 3 3 0
No experience of chronic illness 2 1 3 0
Response to needs during chronic illness of adults     
Accessed free treatment and medication 10 12 9 13
Exchanged support with a neighbour and friend to access care 5 4 2 7
Ill person moved to another household for care 1 2 1 2
Relocated to care for ill person in order to access other support from their household 0 3 3 0