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Table 3 Search Strategy

From: Role of mHealth applications for improving antenatal and postnatal care in low and middle income countries: a systematic review

Population “Pregnancy”[Mesh] OR pregnan* OR pregnant women OR pregnant mother* OR gestational mother* OR women OR maternal age women OR matern* OR “Healthcare providers” [Mesh] AND
Intervention mHealth OR m–Health OR mobile health OR mobile telehealth care OR mobile telemedicine OR mcare OR mobile phone OR mobile devic* OR mobile technology OR mobile commmunication OR satellite phone OR communication satellite OR enterprise digital assistants OR cell phone OR cellular phone OR personal digital assistant* OR PDA OR mobile tablet computers OR smart-phone OR smartphone OR podcast Or pod-cast OR apps OR mobile applications OR text messag* OR short messag* OR short message service OR SMS OR multimedia messag* OR MMS OR texting OR messag* OR text* OR multimedia technol* OR multi-media messag AND
Outcome Reproductive health services OR maternal welfare OR maternal healthcare OR maternal health OR maternal service* OR reproductive health OR reproductive service* OR pre-natal care OR pre-natal visit* OR prenatal care OR prenatal visit* OR antenatal care OR antenatal visit* OR Postnatal Care OR postpartum program* OR safe motherhood OR perinatal complications OR postnatal complication OR perinatal care OR essential preventive maternal health services AND
Setting Developing country OR developing nation OR least developed country OR least developed nation OR less developed nation OR third world country OR third world nation OR under developed country OR remote region OR low and middle income country OR under developed nation OR low and middle income nation OR Armenia OR Moldova OR Bangladesh OR Morocco OR Bhutan OR Myanmar OR Bolivia OR Nicaragua OR Cabo Verde OR Nigeria OR Cameroon OR Pakistan OR Congo, Rep OR Papua New Guinea OR Cote d’Ivoire OR Philippines OR Djibouti OR Samoa OR Egypt, Arab Rep. OR Sao Tome and Principe OR El Salvador OR Senegal OR Georgia OR Solomon Islands OR Ghana OR Sri Lanka OR Guatemala OR Sudan OR Guyana OR Swaziland OR Honduras OR Syrian Arab Republic OR India OR Tajikistan OR Indonesia OR Timor-Leste OR Kenya OR Ukraine OR Kiribati OR Uzbekistan OR Kosovo OR Vanuatu OR Kyrgyz Republic OR Vietnam OR Lao PDR OR West Bank and Gaza OR Lesotho OR Yemen, Rep. OR Mauritania OR Zambia OR Micronesia, Fed. Sts.