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Table 1 PHIT project summaries

From: Health system strengthening: a qualitative evaluation of implementation experience and lessons learned across five African countries

Country Partners involved Catchment area Health system strengthening intervention components
(Informed by the six WHO building blocks of a health system framework)
Recommendable innovative programs/models/component
Ghana (Awoonor et al. 2013) [13] Ghana Health Service Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
Navrongo Health Research Centre
University of Ghana School of Public Health
Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
500,000 people (District health system in Upper East Region, Ghana) Extended Newborn Service; IMCI; use of community health; data utilization; strengthening project leadership at all levels of the District health system Community Health Nurse program
Improvement of transport of obstetric emergencies from the community health posts to higher level facilities able to provide expanded emergency obstetric care
Mozambique (Sherr et al. 2013) [3] University of Washington
Health Alliance International
University of Eduardo Mondlane Mozambique Ministry of Health
1,500,000 people (13 districts in Sofala Province) Strengthening district health management systems and improving delivery of integrated primary health care Beira Operations Research Center district−/facility-level data quality assessments
Data utilization tools for district-level performance review process
Rwanda (Drobac et al. 2013) [6] University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences
Rwanda Ministry of Health
Harvard Medical School
Brigham and Women Hospital
Partners In Health
560,000 people: one and one-half rural districts Targeted support for health facilities, quality improvement initiatives, strengthened the network of community health workers and improved monitoring and evaluation Clinical Mentorship and Quality Improvement (MESH-QI model)
Integrated mentoring and QI Collaborative to reduce Neonatal Mortality
Operational/Implementation research capacity/skills building program
Tanzania (Ramsey et al. 2013) [15] Ifakara Health Institute
Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
Tanzania Training Center for International Health
Council Health Management Teams
857,000 people
(Kilombero, Ulanga and Ufiji Districts, Murogoro Region, Tanzania)
Introduction of a new cadre of Community Health Agents (CHAs) into a general program of health systems strengthening and referral. Supervisory systems to support the CHA. District-wide emergency referral strengthening intervention Community Health Agent program
Zambia (Stringer et al. 2013) [16] Zambart
Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia
559,000 people
(Lusaka Province)
Clinical protocols for health care quality improvement. Community health workers to actively improve the referral system Clinic supporters as trained CHWs
Standardized Protocols and forms for patient screening
Forms for patients consultations