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Table 2 EQ-5D scores

From: Health state utilities associated with attributes of weekly injection devices for treatment of type 2 diabetes

Measure N Mean SD Range
 Index Score 206b 0.76 0.27 -0.08–1.00
 VAS 207c 75.51 16.29 25.00–100.0
 Index Score 209 0.83 0.21 0.02–1.00
 VAS 209 76.13 16.57 15.00–100.0
  1. aHigher scores for the five individual items indicate greater problems. Higher scores for the index score and the VAS indicate greater utility and quality of life
  2. bTwo participants did not provide a response to the anxiety/depression item, and one participant provided two responses to the pain/discomfort item
  3. cTwo participants did not complete the VAS
  4. SD standard deviation, VAS visual analogue scale, UK United Kingdom