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Table 1 Study responders’ socio-demographic characteristics, length of stay, Charleson co-morbidity score and self-rated health

From: Evaluating patient experiences in decentralised acute care using the Picker Patient Experience Questionnaire; methodological and clinical findings

Male 41.8%
Mean age (SD)- in years 74.9 (14.5)
Median age- in years 78.0
Relationship (yes) 51.7%
Living alone (yes) 49%
Higher education (yes) 18.5%
Work (yes) 9%
Mean length of stay (SD)-in days 3.73(2.3)
Mean CCIS (SD)a 1.09 (1.6)
Mean EQ5D3L (SD)b .52 (.26)
  1. Abbreviations and table legends: MAWs municipality acute wards, Male the percentage of males in the sample, SD standard deviation, Relationship-married or in a relationship (Not in relationship- single or widower/widow). Higher education- high school level or above. Work- responders still working. CCIS- Charleson comorbidity index scorea. EQ5D-EuroQol 5-dimension-3 level version index scoreb
  2. aCCIS is based on nineteen predefined diseases, expressed with the values 1, 2, 3 or 6, are included in the CCI based on their association with one-year mortality. Summing the weights gives the CCI score (CCIS) for each patient
  3. bCalculated with the Europe VAS score. Score range 0–1, where 0 indicates perfect health (no problems), and 1 indicates worst possible health (extreme problems on all items)