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Table 1 Items development and modification according to various steps of the survey development

From: Development of an Arabic inpatient satisfaction survey: application in acute medical rehabilitation setting in Saudi Arabia

Survey development Modification
Theme # Survey item Step 1a Step 2a Step 3a
Pre-Admission Phase 1. Waiting time to be admitted N M  
  Time you had to wait for a bed (after arrival at the hospital) N R  
2. Info re: rights & responsibilities N   
3. Clarity of info about your admission N   
  Courtesy and helpfulness of the admission office staff N R  
  Way team involved you in the decision to be admitted N R  
4. Way staff involved you in making decisions about your program N M  
5. Way team considered your needs N M  
  Being encouraged by the team to give your feedback N   R
6. Clarity of info about your rehab program N   
7. Knowing who to ask when you have questions N M  
  How well the team responded to your questions N   R
8. Courtesy and helpfulness of your team N M  
  Courtesy and helpfulness of your (doctor, nurse, PT, OT, SLP, P&O, psych, support workers …etc. ) – one question each M R  
  Cooperation and commitment of your rehabilitation team M R  
9. Efforts made by your rehab team M M  
  Efforts made by your (doctor, nurse, PT, OT, SLP, P&O, psych, support workers …etc. ) – one question each N R  
10. How soon did nursing respond to your call for help M M  
  Responsiveness of your (doctor, nurse, PT, OT, SLP, P&O, psych, support workers …etc. ) to your needs –one question each N R  
  Confidence and trust in your doctors, nurses, therapists N R  
11. Communication between the team N M  
12. Explanation about your medications N   
  The team response to your complaints (if any) N R  
13. The daily rehabilitation routine N M  
14. Length of your rehab program A N  
  Cleanliness of your room N M R
15. Privacy in your room N   
16. Cleanliness of hospital N   
17. Cleanliness of the toilets and showers N   
18. Quality of food overall N   
19. Peace and restfulness in your room N   
20. That your safety was not compromised N M  
21. Meeting to discuss your discharge plans N   
  Info received about home medication N M R
  Info re: home exercise program/ how to care for yourself at home N   R
Discharge Phase 22. Way & time given to planning your return to home N   
23. Arrangement by the hospital for services/technical aids N M  
24. Arrangement for needed follow up plans N M  
  Info about how to manage your condition and recovery at home N M R
  Info re: activities you could/ could not do on your own at home N R  
Outcomes   Level of satisfaction with improvement in body function e.g. range of motion, muscle power, tone, upper/lower extremity function…etc. N R  
  Level of satisfaction with functional mobility e.g. walking, wheelchair, indoor, outdoor, up/down stairs …etc. N R  
  Level of satisfaction with your ability to perform self-care tasks (e.g. eating, grooming dressing, …etc.); school, work; leisure…etc. N R  
  How much you were actually helped by your stay in the hospital N R  
  Know where and how to find help in the community   A R
25. My physical pain was controlled N M  
26. I was given adequate info about medicines   A  
27. Given adequate info re: changes to my home M   
28. I / My family/caregiver received adequate information/ training in order to manage my condition and recover at home.   A  
29. I accomplished the goals set in my rehab   A  
30. Confident in my ability to use the skills I was trained in   A  
Global Questions   Level of satisfaction with the care you received from (doctor, nurse, PT, OT, SLP, P&O, psych…etc.) – one question each N R  
31. I think this hospital has everything needed   A  
  Return to this facility if you require future rehab M R  
32. I would recommend this program N M  
33. Overall, I was satisfied with my experience N   
What could the hospital do to improve the care and services it provides to better meet the needs of the patients N M  
  1. aChanges to the items during these steps: A added, N no change, R- removed, M modified wording; items highlighted in bold text represents those items included in the final survey