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Table 1 Participation in the PEP intervention by intervention practices

From: An Australian general practice based strategy to improve chronic disease prevention, and its impact on patient reported outcomes: evaluation of the preventive evidence into practice cluster randomised controlled trial

  NSW Victoria South Australia Queensland
Education sessions for GPs and PNs 5/5 practices 4/5 practicesa 3/3 practices 3/3 practices
% of practices receiving all 3 facilitator visits 100% 80%a 100% 100%
% of practices receiving all facilitator phone calls 100% 80%a 100% 67%
Mean length (range) of the practice facilitation (in weeks) 9.6 (8–12 weeks) 11.7 (11–13 weeks) 17 (13–19 weeks) 17.5 (17–18 weeks)
  1. a1 practice excluded due to IT incompatibility issue