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Table 1 Characteristics of the TRaCKED study practices

From: Adaption, implementation and evaluation of collaborative service improvements in the testing and result communication process in primary care from patient and staff perspectives: a qualitative study

General practice study ID Number of patients registered Number of full time equivalent general practitioners (GPs) IMD code rankinga Clinical management system
Practice 1 23,727 7.3 15,066 SystmOne
Practice 2 7059 6.3 871 EMIS
Practice 3 5914 3.0 13,866 EMIS
Practice 4 27,430 12.3 8447 EMIS
  1. aIndex of multiple deprivation (IMD) ranking out of 32,482 LSOAs (lower super output levels) in England. The IMD codes, produced by the UK government and first released in 2004 and updated 2010, provide indicators of deprivation in local authority areas to inform health and social policy, the lower the score the more deprived the area [24]