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Table 1 Research questions, timing of data collection and measurements used

From: Ready for goal setting? Process evaluation of a patient-specific goal-setting method in physiotherapy

  Physiotherapist Patient
Timing of data collection Before training At follow-up
Measurements Questionnaire Questionnaire Observation video/audio Assessing patient files Reflection report Questionnaire
1a. To what extent is the PSG performed as intended?
 Performance and recording of the PSG steps    X X   
 Patients’ involvement in the PSG       X
1b. How satisfied are patients about the PSG?
 Patients’ satisfaction with the PSG       X
1c. What are physiotherapists’ experiences with the PSG?
 Physiotherapists’ experiences with the PSG      X  
2. Did the physiotherapists’ intention to use the PSG, the actual use of the PSG, and their client-centred competences improve after training?
 Intention to use the PSG X X     
 Actual use of the PSG X X     
 Client-centred competences X X