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Table 1 Thematic interview guide

From: Reflections on two years after establishing an orthogeriatric unit: a focus group study of healthcare professionals’ expectations and experiences

Research themes Research questions
Views on orthogeriatric care How do you feel about working in the orthogeriatric unit?
What is your attitude towards the establishment of the orthogeriatric unit?
Experiences with interprofessional collaboration in orthogeriatric care What is your experience of orthogeriatric collaboration?
What do you find important in interprofessional collaboration?
What works well in the current interprofessional collaboration?
What do you see as the possible challenges of interprofessional collaboration?
Has collaboration with other professional groups emerged or has the collaboration attained a new meaning for your work?
Experiences with clinical aspects of orthogeriatric care What has the new orthogeriatric organization mean for your clinical work?
What work-related tasks/functions do you find particularly important in the clinical work? What do you see as the possible challenges in clinical orthogeriatric care?What do you see as the possible benefits of clinical orthogeriatric care?