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Table 6 The scores for healthcare workers in Beijing hospitals

From: The safety attitudes questionnaire in Chinese: psychometric properties and benchmarking data of the safety culture in Beijing hospitals

Dimension Mean (SD) Positive response rate (%)
Teamwork climate 74.87 (18.23) 59.31b
Safety climate 73.82 (17.51) 54.09b
Job satisfaction 72.43 (22.50) 54.63b
Stress recognition 44.53 (28.70) 20.80b
Recognition of management 69.64 (19.68) 45.97b
Working condition 68.59 (20.09) 46.69b
Total scale 69.72 (15.47) 38.57b
  1. Note: SD Standard deviation
  2. asignifies the positive response rate is higher than 80%, bsignifies the positive response rate is lower than 60%