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Table 3 Interview guides

From: Role enactment of facilitation in primary care – a qualitative study

Individual interviews
About the observed practice
 • The preparation of the facilitator and the practice
 • Their descriptions and experience of the meetings (structure, dialogue, what worked well and what did not)
 • Their own role at the facilitation visits and in the change process
 • The practice impact from the facilitation visits
 • What they perceived as successful/less successful in the specific practice
 • How the observed facilitation visit differed from other practices and similarities between practices
About their general perception and practice
 • Their understanding of the facilitator intervention
 • Their contribution as facilitators
 • How they were prepared for the role as facilitator
 • What had influenced their understanding and enactment facilitation
 • Variations between facilitators and practices
 • The implication of being GPs
 • Thoughts about project design (number of facilitation visits, meetings in the practice etc.)
Focus groups
Focus group 1
 • Their understanding and description of the facilitator intervention
 • Their preparation
 • The content of facilitation visits
 • Facilitator variations and unity
 • Their tools
 • The impact for the practices
 • The good facilitation visit
 • Their competences
Focus group 2
 • Their understanding of facilitation and the roles of the facilitator
 • If and why some roles were more often applied
 • What influenced their roles
 • Whether they had collaborated on a common understanding
 • Improvements of their performance over time
 • Their competences
 • The significance of them being GPs
Project initiators and project managers
 • Background for the intervention
 • The intervention design
 • Their understandings of facilitation
 • The education of the facilitators
 • Expected changes
 • Intervention flexibility