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Table 2 The table is showing numbers of individuals identified as nursing home residents in the Municipality Data (MD), and in the Statistic Denmark’s register (SD)

From: Exploring the concurrent validity of the nationwide assessment of permanent nursing home residence in Denmark - A cross-sectional data analysis using two administrative registries

  YES 3 265a 2 876a 6 141a
1 971b 1467b 3438b
1 294c 1409c 2703c
SD NO 556a 108 158a 108 714a
304b 61 711b 62 015b
252 46 447c 46 699c
  TOTAL 3 821a 111 034a 115 855a
2 275b 63 178b 65 453b
1546c 47856c 49402c
  1. The numbers also indicate the overlap between registered inhabitants living in permanent nursing homes in Statistics Denmark’s (SD) register and Municipality Database(MD)
  2. Showing all ten municipalities (a), reporting municipalities (b) and non-reporting municipalities where algorithm was implemented (c)