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Table 2 Diseases at the Nakambala correctional facility

From: Health care needs assessment among adolescents in correctional institutions in Zambia: an ethical analysis

Ailment Number of boys affected
Headache 10
Stomach pains/diarrhoea 10
Malaria 9
Flu/sneezing 9
Coughing 4
Pain/itching in the eye 3
Pain/itching in the ear 3
Neck pain 2
Sores on the skin due to poor hygiene 2
Rash 1
Sore in the arm due to a fall 1
Pain in the limbs 1
Sores due blisters 1
Numbness in the limbs 1
Chicken pox 1
Chest pain(hotness) 1
Bleeding  of the noise and pain 1
Mental problem 1
Heartache 1
Depression 1
Sore throat 1
Dry throat 1
Mosquito bite 1
Bleeding, headache and neck pain 1