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Table 7 Medication Error Causes- Data Sheet. The purpose of this sheet is to investigate Why Medication Errors Occur? The following statements are all possible causes of medication errors. Please read them carefully, and indicate your answer using √ for the appropriate statements (please select only THREE statements)

From: Using total quality management approach to improve patient safety by preventing medication error incidences**

I)-Causes Related Prescribing Phase III)-Causes Related Administration Phase
 a. New staff  p. Failure to follow order instructions
  □ Wrong drug
  □ Wrong Patient
  □ Wrong time
  □ Wrong rout
  □ Wrong dose
 b. Poor handwriting orders
  □ Ambiguous
  □ Illegible
  □ Incomplete
 c. Understaffing  q. Workload/fatigue
 d. Unapproved abbreviations  r. Medication unavailable
 e. Verbal order
  □ Non-health professional calling in prescription
  □ Speech patterns
  □ Accents
 s. Inadequate checking
 t. Extended delay of administration due to other department (Lab levels, x-ray,.)
 u. Incompliant Patient
  □ Uneducated Patient
  □ Patient off nursing unit
 f. Metric system
 g. Lack of knowledge on the medication
 v. Inadequate medication device
  □ Incorrect type of infusion device
  □ Adjusting an infusion device incorrectly
 h. Unnecessary decimal points  
 i. Lack of information on the patient
 w. Lack of information
  □ On the patient
  □ On medication
II)-Causes Related Dispensing Phase  
 x. Drug given but not documented
 j. Poor assessment of order
  □ Look -alike drug name
  □ Sound -alike drug name
  □ Miscalculation
 y. Drug documented but not given
IV)-Causes Related Monitoring Phase
 z. Failure to recognize adverse reactions
  □ Allergy not noted
 k. Poor designed Work area
  □ Inadequate counter space
  □ Poor lighting
  □ Distraction
  □ Uncomfortable temperature & humidity
 aa. Failure to report adverse reactions
 bb. Failure to educate patients about potential side effects
 cc. Failure to use appropriate clinical or laboratory data for adequate assessment of patient response to prescribed therapy
 l. Inadequate Distribution system
  □ Ward stock
 dd. Inappropriate patient behavior regarding adherence to a prescribed medication regimen
 ee. Failure to follow established policies and procedures
 m. Labeling & packaging problems
 n. Outdated references  ff. Policies and procedure NOT established
 o. Poor inventory arrangement
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