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Table 3 Voice of customer

From: Using total quality management approach to improve patient safety by preventing medication error incidences**

Voice of customer CCRs (Critical Customer Requirements) CTQs (Critical To Quality) Targets
Physician’s writing on the doctor’s order form is difficult to read Poor hand writing Write orders legibly Percentage of orders that are illegible is less than 15%
Nurses confuse between two drugs with similar names Use Unapproved abbreviations Write medication orders that can be accurately interpreted Percentage of orders that contain “non-approved” abbreviations is less than 15%
Medication labels/packaging are damaged Wrong drug The Right Drug Getting the Right Drug Every Time!
Medication is administered by a route that is different from the one ordered. Wrong Route The Right Route Getting the Right Route Every Time!
Physician prescribes the wrong dose Wrong dose The Right Dose Getting the Right Dose Every Time!
Nurse miscalculates the dose Wrong dose error The Right Dose Getting the Right Dose Every Time!
A medication was given to the incorrect patient due to failure to properly identify patient or order. wrong patient Right patient Getting the Right Patient Every Time!
The administration of a dose for more than 30 min before or after the scheduled time of administration in the absence of an acceptable reason. Wrong time error The Right Time Getting the Right Time Every Time!