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Table 1 Data sources for estimating costs

From: Real-world costs of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease in the Nordics

Type of data Country Source
Direct costsa Denmark Danish Medicines Agency [13]
Statens Serum Institut [14]
The Capital Region of Denmark [15]
Rigshospitalet [16]
Finland Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board [17]
The Social Insurance Institution of Finland [18]
The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa [19, 20]
National institute for health and welfare [21]
Kuopio University Hospital [22]
Norway Norwegian Medicines Agency [23]
Norwegian Directorate of Health [24, 25]
Ministry of Health and Care Services [26]
Sweden Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency [27]
Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry [12]
Region Skåne [28]
Stockholm County Council [29]
Indirect costs Denmark Statistics Denmark [30, 31]
Eurostat [32]
KPMG [33]
Finland Statistics Finland [34, 35]
Norway Statistics Norway [36,37,38]
KPMG [33]
Sweden Statistics Sweden [39, 40]
Swedish Tax Agency [41]
  1. aTransportation costs (to and from haemodialysis) were based on answers in the self-administered questionnaire: taxi, 15 km; public transport, 30 min duration; car, 30 km