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Table 3 Patient and provider narrative responses by rank and their correlation to published AUC

From: Perceptions of patients and providers on myocardial perfusion imaging for asymptomatic patients, choosing wisely, and professional liability

Patients: Inappropriate Reasons for MPI (n = 149) 2009 AUC Number
 If the test is too risky N/A 11
 If you do not have symptoms #7–11 10
 If the test is not necessary N/A 10
 If the radiation risk is high N/A 6
 The doctor should decide N/A 6
 If the cost is too high N/A 1
 False positive testing N/A 0
Providers: Inappropriate reasons for MPI 2009 AUC Number
 Asymptomatic #7–11 26
 Patient or family demand N/A 16
 Concern about professional liability N/A 12
 Screening in low risk patients #7 9
 Annual MPI #45–56, #66–70 8
 Preoperative risk assessment #71 8
 Symptoms with a normal ECG and can exercise #1 8
 Low risk chest pain #1–2 6
 Acute coronary syndrome #10 6
 Repeat test, no change in symptoms #45–56, #66–70 5
 Financial gain N/A 4
 Risk factors/Family History/Abnormal ECG alone N/A 4
 Chest pain with high pretest likelihood #5–6 3