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Table 1 The definitions variables from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) between 2004 and 2011

From: A network perspective on patient experiences and health status: the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey 2004 to 2011

Variables   Labels Categories
died   Died during MEPS panels
meps   Entry year to the MEPS
racex   Race  
agey1x   Age as of 12/31
regiony1   Census region as of 12/31
ttlpy1x   Person’s total income
educyr   Years of education when first entered MEPS
sex   Sex  
First-year variables Second-year variables  
adappt2 adappt4 Last 12 months: numbers of visits to medical office for care CAHPS
adcape2 adcape4 Last 4 weeks: felt calm/peaceful SF-12v2
adclim2 adclim4 Health limits climbing stairs SF-12v2
addaya2 addaya4 Health limits in moderate activities SF-12v2
addown2 addown4 Last 4 weeks: felt downhearted or depressed SF-12v2
addprs2 addprs4 Last 2 weeks: felt down/depressed/hopeless Patient Health Questionnaire
addrbp2 addrbp4 Last 2 years: whether physician checked blood pressure General Health
adefrt2 adefrt4 Last 30 days: how often everything was an effort Non-specific Psychological Distress
adexpl2 adexpl4 Last 12 months: doctor explained in a way that was understandable CAHPS
adgenh2 adgenh4 Health in general SF-12v2
adhecr2 adhecr4 Last 12 months: rating of health care CAHPS
adhope2 adhope4 Last 30 days: how often felt hopeless Non-specific Psychological Distress
adilcr2 adilcr4 Last 12 months: illness/injury needing immediate care CAHPS
adilww2 adilww4 Last 12 months: got care when needed in case of illness/injury CAHPS
adinsa2 adinsa4 Do not need health insurance Attitudes about Health
adinsb2 adinsb4 Health insurance not worth cost Attitudes about Health
adintr2 adintr4 Last 2 weeks: little interest in things Patient Health Questionnaire
adlist2 adlist4 Last 12 months: doctor listened to you CAHPS
admals2 admals4 Last 4 weeks: as result of mental problems, accomplished less than you would like SF-12v2
admwlm2 admwlm4 Last 4 weeks: as result of mental problems, did work or other activities less carefully than usual SF-12v2
adndcr2 adndcr4 Last 12 months: need any care, test, treatment CAHPS
adnerv2 adnerv4 Last 30 days: how often felt nervous Non-specific Psychological Distress
adnrgy2 adnrgy4 Last 4 weeks: had a lot of energy SF-12v2
adnsmk2 adnsmk4 Last 12 months: doctor advised to quit smoking General Health
adover2 adover4 Can overcome illness without medical help Attitudes about Health
adpain2 adpain4 Last 4 weeks: pain limits normal work SF-12v2
adpals2 adpals4 Last 4 weeks: as result of physical health, accomplished less than would like SF-12v2
adprtm2 adprtm4 Last 12 months: doctor spent enough time with you CAHPS
adprx2 adprx4 Relationship of proxy to adult
adpwlm2 adpwlm4 Last 4 weeks: as result of physical health, limited in kind of work or other activities SF-12v2
adresp2 adresp4 Last 12 months: doctor showed respect CAHPS
adrest2 adrest4 Last 30 days: how often felt restless Non-specific Psychological Distress
adrisk2 adrisk4 More likely to take risks Attitudes about Health
adrtcr2 adrtcr4 Last 12 months: made appointment for routine medical care CAHPS
adrtww2 adrtww4 Last 12 months: got medical appointment when wanted CAHPS
adsad2 adsad4 Last 30 days: how often felt sad Non-specific Psychological Distress
adsmok2 adsmok4 Currently smoke General Health
adsoca2 adsoca4 Last 4 weeks: health stopped social activity SF-12v2
adspec2 adspec4 Last 12 months: needed to see specialist General Health
adwrth2 adwrth4 Last 30 days: how often felt worthless Non-specific Psychological Distress
k6sum2 k6sum4 Last 30 days: overall rating of feelings Kessler Index
mcs2 mcs4 Mental component summary SF-12v2
pcs2 pcs4 Physical component summary SF-12v2
phq22 phq24 Last 2 weeks: overall rating of feelings Patient Health Questionnaire
  1. Note: CAHPS consumer assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, SF-12 short-form 12