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Table 2 Statements against the current maternal care financing reform

From: Stakeholders’ views on the strengths and weaknesses of maternal care financing and its reform in Georgia

In-depth interviews
I think all people who work have to purchase insurance package and plan pregnancy. But if person does not have income the maternal care should finance by the government [3].
She needs to do screening on bacteriuria but she said “I don’t have money” and the doctor reported that “she refused screening” [10].
Near miss services should not have any OPPs because this is something you cannot predict or plan [4]
Focus group discussions
I was asked for additional lab tests. Lastly I found that was not necessary. I complained to MoLHSA and the facility was penalized [17]
Private providers are increasing fees frequently and suggesting more consultations than needed [20].
Only emergency services are financed but not preventive measures even for high risk pregnancies [17]