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Table 1 Statements in support of the current maternal care financing reform

From: Stakeholders’ views on the strengths and weaknesses of maternal care financing and its reform in Georgia

In- depth interviews
The fees should apply for additional services such as food and room or patient comfort [1]
The state covers everyone pretty much; the high risk pregnancies are covered by vertical program [1, 2, 6]
I am for co-payment. I think 10-20% of co-payment could be existed. Co-payment also means some kind of responsibility from the client’s side. But it should not be burden for the population [3]
Privatization supported to the legalization of incomes [5]. Informal payments have been eliminated [6].
Some people cannot pay. Therefore, State should provide full coverage of maternal care [15]
Focus group discussions
Families are trying to be prepared for the childbirth and most of the families are ready for payment [16, 17]
I had private insurance. It helped me to pay everything, except pharmaceuticals [16]
We gave to the doctor a gift as a token of gratitude [16, 17].
I had complicated childbirth and was transferred to Tbilisi. The total cost was covered by the State completely [21].