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Table 18 Benefits of the IdA® for decision making

From: Development and evaluation of the content validity, practicability and feasibility of the Innovative dementia-oriented Assessment system for challenging behaviour in residents with dementia

Benefit for decision making Agreement n =
The IdA® has encouraged me to think more intensively about the residents’ behaviour 71% 59
The IdA® contains factors that I had never thought about in the context of residents’ problem behaviour 66% 59
I see a relationship between the IdA® and my daily work 64% 58
By using the IdA®, I see the behaviour of the residents with dementia from another perspective 63% 59
With the IdA®, I can better describe the residents’ problem behaviour to others 58% 59
Planning interventions to address the residents´ behaviour is easier with the information provided by the IdA® 47% 58
My behaviour towards the residents has changed since the introduction of the IdA® 47% 58
The IdA® provides information about the residents that I did not know before 45% 58
Since the introduction of the IdA®, I have a better understanding of the behaviour of the residents with dementia 44% 57
I feel that the behaviour of the residents has changed positively since the introduction of the IdA® 26% 58
The IdA® gives me the opportunity to express the individuality of the resident with dementia 74% 58