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Table 1 Major documents analysed for the case study in chronological order

From: The path from a volunteer initiative to an established institution: evaluating 15 years of the development and contribution of the Lighthouse trust to the Malawian HIV response

Type of source Name of document Purpose Methods Author Year
Case Study The Lighthouse:
A centre for comprehensive HIV/AIDS treatment and care in Malawi
Description of antiretroviral therapy perspectives and practices Observations Interviews Document review Phiri et al. (internal) 2004
Report Institutional Review Describe the current status and inform strategic development Observations Interviews Document review Salephera Consulting (external) 2010
Organisational and policy analysis (OPA) report Innovation, operational research and scaling-up in HIV care:
Lessons learnt from the Lighthouse, Malawi
Performed in partial fulfilment of a doctorate in public health Observations Interviews Document review Thomas Gass (visiting temporary LH- member) 2011
Report Formative research to inform clinic efficiency:
Qualitative assessment of patients’ opinions and perceptions of Lighthouse Trust clinic services
Patients’ perspectives on Lighthouse services Qualitative research, Focus group discussions and in-depth interviews REACH Trust (external) 2012