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Table 1 Comorbidities and their associated classification codes*

From: Factors associated with chronic frequent emergency department utilization in a population with diabetes living in metropolitan areas: a population-based retrospective cohort study

Comorbidity ICD-9 ICD-10
Mental health comorbidities
 Any mental health dis. 290–319 F00-F99
 Substance abuse 291, 292, 303, 304, 305 F10-F19, F55
 Dementia 290, 291, 294 F00-F06, F09, F10
 Other mental health dis. 290–319 except 290–292, 294, 303, 304, 305 F00-F99 except F00-F06, F09 -F19, F55
Physical comorbidities
 Complication of diabetes 250.1–250.9 E10-E14 not E10.9
 High blood pressure 401–405 I10-I15
 Dyslipidemia 272 E78, E75.2–3–5-6, E77.0–9, E88.1–2, H026
 Injury 800–999 S00-T99
Cardiovascular disease (CVD):
 Myocardial infarction 410, 411 I20.0, I21, I22, I24, I51.3
 Congestive heart failure 298, 402, 428 I09.0, I11, I50
 Peripheral vascular disease 440–447 I70-I77
 Cerebrovascular disease 430–435 G45.0-G45.2, G45.4, G45.8, G45.9, I60-I62
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 491–493 J41-J45
 Connective tissue disease 710, 714, 725 M05, M06, M08, M09, M12, M32-M36, L871
 Ulcer disease 531–534 K25-K28
 Liver disease 571, 573 K70, K71, K73-K77
070, 570, 572 B15-B19, K72
 Renal disease 403–404, 580–586 I12-I13, N00, N01, N03-N05, N07, N08, N14, N17-N19, N150, N16.3, N29.0
 Any tumor 140–195 C00-C76
 Leukemia 204–208 C91-C95
 Lymphoma 200–203 C81-C86, C88, C90, C96
 Metastatic solid tumor 196–199 C77-C80, C97
  1. *The majority of the comorbidities are conditions listed in the D’Hoore adaptation of the Charlson comorbidity index