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Table 3 Survey 1 - General attitudes toward CAPO CRF guideline

From: Cancer related fatigue: implementing guidelines for optimal management

Statement Survey N Agree (n)a Agree (%)
There is a need for clinical guidelines for management of cancer-related fatigue (CRF) tailored for the Australian context HP1 43 34 79.1
C1 63 52 82.5
The benefits of the CAPO guideline outweigh the costs, inconvenience or discomfort HP1 40 24 60.0
C1 32 28 87.5
I am satisfied with current approaches to CRF management at my workplace/health care facilityb HP1 48 25 52.1
C1 97 46 47.4
I would adopt or trial the CAPO CRF guideline in its current form HP1 40 31 77.5
  1. a Agree or strongly agree; b Participants answered for up to 3 health facilities; bolded figures indicate a priori definition of consensus was met