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Table 1 Timeline of events related to data collection and analysis

From: “We and the nurses are now working with one voice”: How community leaders and health committee members describe their role in Sierra Leone’s Ebola response

Nov 2014 Train data collectors
Nov 2014 Conduct pilot testing
Dec 2014 Data collection round 1
• Focus groups discussions
Jan 2015 Data collection round 2
• Focus groups discussions
Jan-Feb 2015 Transcription and translation
Mar 2015 Data analysis: coding
• Conduct inductive and deductive coding based in part on a priori codes (developed from the questionnaire) and open-coding (developed as relevant data emerged from transcripts)
Mar 2015 Data analysis: matrix development
• Collapsing and arranging codes (along with their attendant quotes) across transcripts
Apr 2015 Data analysis: writing analytic summaries
• Synthesis of text across domains of the matrix
Apr 2015 Data analysis: distribution, feedback and discussion of analytic summaries
Apr 2015 Literature review
May 2015 Consensus regarding content of results section