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Table 5 Dissatisfaction items ranked by importance to respondents

From: Patients’ perceptions of healthcare professionalism—a Romanian experience

Percent Item
66.3 12. You are restricted by tubes or perfusions
66.2 11. You do not know how long you will be staying in intensive care
66.1 13. You are thirsty or hungry
64.4 30. Your consent for treatment was not asked for
49.1 2. Members of the medical staff do not introduce themselves
47.1 15. You feel that nurses focus more on the devices than on you
47.1 16. You hear the sounds and alarms from medical devices and they bother you
47.1 17. The doctors and nurses talk too loudly (noise in the department)
45.2 27. You cannot communicate
45.2 28. You are afraid of death
45.2 29. You are afraid of transmissible diseases
45.1 24. You have no privacy
45.1 25. You are cared for by unknown doctors
45 3. You do not know when you are scheduled for certain procedures
45 7. The medical staff uses words you do not understand
45 20. You are disturbed by nurses/doctors when sleeping
45 21. You cannot sleep
45 22. The light is on all the time
45 23. You are experiencing pain
44.8 4. You are aware of the smells around you
44.8 8. The temperature in the room you are hospitalized in is too low or too high
44.7 5. You are in a mixed ward (men and women)
44.7 6. You are seen as an object
44.7 9. You are disturbed by the reactions of the patients around you
40 1. The procedures and the treatments applied are not explained to you
31.3 18. You have tubes in your nose or mouth
31.2 19. You feel disoriented