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Table 1 Maternal and newborn data for Somaliland and Sierra Leone

From: Strengthening close to community provision of maternal health services in fragile settings: an exploration of the changing roles of TBAs in Sierra Leone and Somaliland

Indicator Somaliland [42] Sierra Leone [43]
MMR/100000 live births 1000 to 1400a 857
Neonatal mortality rate/1000 live births 42 39
Antenatal care coverage (4 or more) 14.8%b 76%
Institutional deliveries 30.6%b 54%
Skilled birth attendant utilization 44. 1%b 60%
  1. aSource: Somaliland MoH (2011)
  2. bSource: MICS 2011 (UNICEF et al., 2014)