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Table 3 Context-Mechanism-Outcome configurations

From: Monitoring and evaluation of disaster response efforts undertaken by local health departments: a rapid realist review

Stage of M&E Context Mechanism Outcome
Document and assess Assurance that staff will not be penalised for mistakes. A culture of learning is instilled in the health department More accurate and high quality documentation and assessment of disaster response
Training in the procedures and skills for documenting and assessing a disaster response are embedded into regular work Provides staff with an opportunity to practice and become proficient in the analytical skills required to successfully document and assess their response. Better prepared staff
Using external partners to document and assess the disaster response External partners have the time, knowledge and skills to thoroughly document and assess a response Improved depth and quality of documentation and assessment
Disseminate Disseminating standardised reports Allows all health departments to perceive the experiences of others as relevant to their own work Promotes inter-agency learning
Implement Positive leadership attributes Establishes a culture of quality improvement within the health department which increases commitment Promotes successful implementation of changes to improve performance
Shared decision making structures Fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility amongst personnel which increases motivation and commitment Promotes successful implementation of changes to improve performance