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Table 2 Inclusion criteria

From: Monitoring and evaluation of disaster response efforts undertaken by local health departments: a rapid realist review

Inclusion Exclusion
Papers which examined at least one stage of the theoretical framework (document and assess; disseminate; or implement) Papers which focused on instruments used for the evaluation or adoption of performance standards, which are highly specific to the hospital setting
Papers which examined the evaluation of quality improvement efforts at the hospital level were included if their content was deemed to be applicable to health departments in general Papers which focused on evaluating elements of preparedness (i.e. facilities or training of health personnel) or were reporting the health outcomes after a disaster rather than the response itself
Papers which focused on research methods and metrics for the evaluation of disaster management and did not explore programme or policy aspects of the evaluation
Papers which reported the results of an evaluation but did not provide a description of how the evaluation was conducted, or how the lessons learned were disseminated or incorporated into future plans