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Table 3 Activities of the Project Support Service

From: Sustainability in Health care by Allocating Resources Effectively (SHARE) 7: supporting staff in evidence-based decision-making, implementation and evaluation in a local healthcare setting

Stage of project Activities Proposed SHARE projects
1 2 3 4
Decision-making and project development Searching literature     
Appraisal of evidence     
Analysis of local data      
Determination of nature and scope of problem     
Clarification of the intervention     
Analysis of feasibility and risk      
Project planning Confirmation and documentation of scope, objectives, background, etc
Identification of needs of clinical project team  
Identification of stakeholders    
Project management Confirmation and documentation of governance processes    
Establishment of management and administration systems and processes    
Implementation planning Capture and analysis of barriers and enablers    
Identification of strategies to address barriers and enablers     
Development of implementation plan (including communication plan)    
Liaison with committees/departments for authorisation of practice change    
Liaison with committees/departments for authorisation of documentation    
Evaluation planning Development of evaluation framework and plan    
Development of costing/economic evaluation plan    
Identification of relevant tools    
Development of data collection systems Liaison with Health Information Management to determine codes    
Liaison with Clinical Information Management to access patient data    
Liaison with data analysts, statistician, health economist, other experts    
Development of data collection tools    
Development of electronic database (eg Access or Excel)    
Training project workers in use of database programs    
Evaluation Assistance with data entry    
Assistance with data cleaning     
Assistance with data analysis     
Reporting Development of reporting schedule    
Assistance with reporting