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Table 3 Average level (marginal effects) for referral, uptake and FP refills during the study phases

From: Greater involvement of HIV-infected peer-mothers in provision of reproductive health services as “family planning champions” increases referrals and uptake of family planning among HIV-infected mothers

Indicator Pre-intervention (average level) Intervention (average level) Post-Intervention (average level) Effect of the Intervention vs. Pre-intervention (Intervention - Pre-intervention) Effect of the Post Intervention vs. intervention (Post-Intervention - intervention)
(i) Proportion (%) of FP usage among mothers attending PMTCT/PNC 64.9% 77.5% 79.8% 12.5%* 2.3%**
(ii) Proportion of mothers referred among those not using and in need FP 52.7% 83.2% 72.4% 30.4%** −10.8%*
(iii) Proportion of FP uptake among mothers referred not using and in need of FP 47.2% 78.5% 67.7% 31.3%** −10.8%*
(iv) Proportion(%) of FP refills among mothers receiving FP 33.5% 33.2% 39.5% −0.3% 6.3%*
  1. Marginal effects were calculated using Segmented regression of interrupted time-series models shown in Table 2
  2. *significant at p < 0.05; ** significant at p < 0.001;