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Table 1 Weekly average number of HIV-infected mothers not-using, referred and took up FP during the study

From: Greater involvement of HIV-infected peer-mothers in provision of reproductive health services as “family planning champions” increases referrals and uptake of family planning among HIV-infected mothers

Indicator Pre intervention, mean(SD) Intervention, mean(SD) Post-Intervention, mean(SD)
Mothers attending PMTCT/PNC 475(129) 448(115) 454(35)
Mothers not using FP 168(43) 99(42) 93(14)
Mothers not using and in need of FP 121(31) 73(30) 65(12)
Mothers not using, in need & referred for FP 63(19) 58(14) 45(9)
Mothers not using, in need, referred for and took up FP 54(16) 56(14) 42(9)
  1. Data are presented as weekly means with standard deviations in parentheses