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Table 1 Characteristics of the study sample

From: Parents’ and guardians’ perceptions on availability and pricing of medicines and healthcare for children in eThekwini, South Africa – a qualitative study

Focus Group (number of Participants) Age Range (years) Gender Ethnicity Education Employment Income Group Medical Insurance
1 (6) 21–28 Female African Secondary Tertiary Teaching assistants Poor No
2 (5) 24–34 Female(4) Male(1) African Primary Secondary Garden service Poor No
3 (6) 22–46 Female African Secondary Tertiary Unemployed(4); Admin Clerk; Cleaner Low Emerging Middle Class Yes(1)
4 (6) 28–42 Female(3) Male(3) Indian(5) African(1) Secondary Tertiary Driver; Admin clerk; Pharmacist assistant; Professional nurse; Nanny; Security guard Low Emerging Middle Class Yes(2)
5 (5) 22–55 Female Indian(2) Coloured(3) No Formal Secondary Tertiary Admin (2); housewife (2); Team Leader Realised Middle Class Yes(3)
6 (4) 29–40 Female Indian(2) African(2) Tertiary Self-employed; locum pharmacist; Educator; housewife Realised Middle Class Yes
7 (4) 32–39 Male Indian Secondary Tertiary Director: Civil construction; Logistics Manager; Financial Advisor; Regional Manager cell company Upper Middle Class Yes
8 (5) 39–49 Female White Tertiary Photographer(2); housewife; Décor coordinator; Estate agent Emerging Affluent Yes