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Table 4 Mean score of patient satisfaction towards radiological service of Hawassa University Teaching and Referral Hospital, June 2016

From: Patients’ satisfaction towards radiological service and associated factors in Hawassa University Teaching and referral hospital, Southern Ethiopia

Variable Mean score Satisfied n (%) Not satisfied n (%)
Accessibility 3.98 262 (84.5%) 48 (15.5%)
 Simplicity and trouble free of service system 3.80   
 The radiology department is easy to find 4.06   
 The radiology working hours are suitable 3.96   
 The examination room of radiology service are convenient to ask questions 4.07   
Courtesy of radiology staff 3.82 250 (80.6%) 60 (19.4%)
 Provide appropriate time for radiological examination 4.02   
 Apply radiation protection technique 2.65   
 The radiology staff are always willing to help patients 3.99   
 The radiology staff are very polite 4.01   
Quality of radiological service 3.92 253 (81.6%) 57 (18.4%)
 Competency of radiology staff to answer your question 3.47   
 The instrument machine used in radiology are modern and safe 4.42   
 Cleanness of examination coach sheets and pillow 3.89   
 The way radiology staff keep their records is good 3.82   
Existence of good communication with service provider 3.59 220 (71%) 90 (29%)
 Greet and introduce himself/ herself (Names) 3.26   
 Explain the procedures of the examination 3.94   
 Accept patient opinion and suggestions 4.01   
 Give clear instruction during the examination and positioning 3.97   
 Tell the patient right to refuse the examination 2.35   
Existence of good communication with desk worker 3.85 244 (78.7%) 66 (21.3%)
 Greet and well come patients 3.29   
 Register and tell appointment time(day) as soon as patient arrive 4.02   
 Give information where to pay and show direction 4.04   
 Give result to patient as soon as they receive it 3.94   
Physical environment 3.49 184 (59.4%) 126 (40.6%)
 Waiting area has enough and comfortable sitting chairs 2.86   
 Waiting area has facilities like television, air conditioners, journals, magazines or newspapers. 1.75   
 The inside of radiology examination room has good ventilation 4.09   
 Clear signs and directions to indicate where to go in the service area and easy to follow 4.18   
 The radiology examination room is labeled with radiation warning sign 4.32   
Privacy technique 1.97 1 (0.3%) 309 (99.7%)
 Availability of dressing room both for female and male 1.85   
 Availability of toilets both for female and male 1.89   
 Toilet is clean and suitable for use 1.93