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Table 1 Characteristics of care model which vary between sites, ( = present, x = absent)

From: Not all waits are equal: an exploratory investigation of emergency care patient pathways

Characteristics/Site Hospital A Hospital B Hospital C Hospital D
Catchment population size (approx.) 450,000 350,000 612,000 500,000
New ED attendances (annual approx.) 95,000 90,000 75,000 70,000
Conversion rate of A&E attendance to admission (range %) 26–34 22–28 30–36 30–40
Care model variations
 Innovation in the use of experienced clinical input General practitioners Acute physicians Emergency medicine Traditional approach
 Use “Single point of entry”. All patients enter through ED x x by design by default
 Automatic transfer of blood samples to lab x
 Automatic test notification: blood results x x x
 Barriers to prompt discharge (dispersed geographical population) x x x
 Elderly assessment teams x
 Discharge waiting area used x x
 Medical/nursing routinely assist patient transfers (i.e. not relying on porters) x x
 Clinical decision unit (CDU) or equivalent (an ‘off the clock’ area) x x