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Table 1 Reference Files

From: Developing a standardized healthcare cost data warehouse

File Source File Name
Physician Services
csv, txt, or xlsx RVUPUFYY.docx
Clinical laboratory CLABYYYY.EffJan1.Full plus
if available csv, txt, or xlsx
csv, txt, or xlsx
Parenteral and enteral nutrition items and services DMEYYYY MMM PEN PUF
csv, txt, or xlsx
Part B drug average sales price ASP pricing files csv or xlsx
Gap codes (Optum360, Inc)  
Modifiers By modifier
Anesthesia conversion factors Conversion factors
Anesthesia base units Base units
Cost to charge ratiosa ResDAC:  
UB revenue code by line Internal list mapped for each institution  
Inflation factors Table 1.1.9. Implicit Price Deflators for Gross Domestic Product
Impute rates Internally calculated on a year-to-date basis for every service year for each institution  
  1. Abbreviations: DMEPOS Durable medical equipment, prosthetics/orthotics and supplies, ResDAC Research Data Assistance Center, UB uniform billing
  2. aCost to charge ratios are calculated from cost center costs and charges