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Table 2 Themes and categories indicating decision criteria, dilemmas and outcome

From: Reaching beyond the review of research evidence: a qualitative study of decision making during the development of clinical practice guidelines for disease prevention in healthcare

Themes: Formal and informal decision criteria Additional factors influencing decisions Emerging dilemmas Decision outcome/consequence
Categories: • Research evidence
• Severity of the condition
• Cost-effectiveness
• Ethical considerations
• Needs of vulnerable groups
• Clinical knowledge and experience
• Potential guideline and consequences
• Gender
• Status
• Verbal and Social skills
• High quality of evidence versus low adoptability of recommendations
• Insufficient evidence versus high urgency to act
• Incoherence in vertical and horizontal judgments
• For the Decision-process:
-Formulate new principles for decision making
-Re-appraise previous settled decisions or revise defined concepts
-Additional search for evidence
• For the Guidelines:
-Intervention recommended in guidelines ranked 1–10
-Interventions recommended in a controlled clinical research setting
-The intervention and/or condition is removed or integrated with another condition-intervention pair