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Table 4 Examples of criteria for selection of disinvestment projects considered in the SHARE Program

From: Sustainability in Health care by Allocating Resources Effectively (SHARE) 6: investigating methods to identify, prioritise, implement and evaluate disinvestment projects in a local healthcare setting

Criteria in the SHARE Expression of Interest application
▪ The project must aim to remove, restrict or replace a technology or clinical practice
▪ There must be high-quality evidence for the proposed change (as indicated by existing systematic review or body of evidence from peer reviewed articles)
▪ Department and Program heads endorse the proposed change
▪ Department or Program agrees to provide EFT/project leader to implement the proposed change
▪ The current clinical pathway is documented or a commitment is given to document this pathway before the project begins
▪ There are clear, measurable outcomes and ability to collect baseline and comparison data
Criteria that may increase the likelihood of project success or sustainability
▪ Project leaders who have the power to make change happen in their area of responsibility such as Unit Managers or Department Heads
▪ Project champions who are respected and trusted by the potential adopters
▪ Interested, engaged clinicians working in the topic area
▪ Available funding
▪ Projects that propose reallocation of resource savings
Criteria that may be useful for selection of pilot or demonstration projects in disinvestment
▪ Projects that are already planned for another reason that also contain an element of disinvestment
▪ Projects to introduce a new TCP where disinvestment of an existing practice can be made a focus of the project
▪ Opportunity for a ‘quick win’
Criteria that may increase the usefulness of a pilot or demonstration projects in disinvestment
▪ Projects that are required to collect detailed data, for example reporting requirements of external funders
▪ Projects with robust data at baseline