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Table 2 Additional systematic methods to identify potential disinvestment opportunities in a local health service

From: Sustainability in Health care by Allocating Resources Effectively (SHARE) 6: investigating methods to identify, prioritise, implement and evaluate disinvestment projects in a local healthcare setting

▪ Consider disinvestment explicitly in long term planning exercises
▪ Discuss principles of disinvestment and examples of successful projects at department/unit meetings, educational events, etc
▪ Assign member of decision-making committees to look for disinvestment opportunities in their decisions
▪ Add a disinvestment question to the Leadership Walkround protocol
▪ Identify clinical champions interested in disinvestment in each program/department/unit who would look out for opportunities
▪ Encourage support staff who have undertaken a disinvestment project to look for more opportunities
▪ Have disinvestment as a high priority in medication safety reviews
▪ Encourage or require projects that are introducing something new to have a component of disinvestment
▪ Review projects that are being conducted for other reasons and identify and focus on any disinvestment elements
▪ Introduce thinking about disinvestment into quality improvement training programs