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Table 2 Interview question guide

From: The barriers and facilitators that indigenous health workers experience in their workplace and communities in providing self-management support: a multiple case study

Interview questions

Flinders Program – Preliminary Questions

 Tell me a bit about your role at the moment, what do you do from a day to day basis?

 When did you first hear about the Flinders’ Program?

 How did you come to do the training?

 How did you find the training?

Logistics and application of the tools

 How do you find using the tools such as My Health Story at work?

 How do you find explaining the tools to clients/patients?

 How many parts of the care planning process were used?

 Do you think the clients like the tools?

 Do you feel the tools are appropriate to your patients needs?

 How much was the client able to participate and form their own goals? Did they need prompting?

 Did it empower/build their capacity to self-manage? (if so, how so, and if not, what are your thoughts about why?)

Self-management as a concept/personal attitudes/values towards self-management

 What do you think are the good/positive parts of self-management/the tools?

 Do you think there are any negatives to self-management/the tools?

 What do you think of the My Health Story booklet?

 Has exposure to these tools/self-management changed the way you work with people? How? Why?

System supports

 Were you able to access follow-up support after the workshop?

 How confident do you feel using the tools?

 Is there any ongoing support, training or supervision of its use?

Self-management in the workplace

 How has your workplace implemented the Closing the Gap strategy?

 What have been the issues? What has worked well? Not so well? Why?

 Do you feel supported by your workplace in supplying self-management support?

 Do you feel that using the tools helps to improve continuity of care?

 Do you feel you have adequate time to use the tools?

 How has the IT system at your workplace helped you use the tools?