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Table 7 Messages regarding patients’ choice in the analysed THLs

From: A qualitative study of Telehealth patient information leaflets (TILs): are we giving patients enough information?

Portrayed message addressing patients’ choice in the telehealth service Leaflets
“A telehealth system is not a substitute for making contact with a health care professional if someone feels unwell. Appropriate advice must be sought at the earliest opportunity”. THL2
“It is important to remember that Telehealth does not replace emergency or normal GP services”. THL3
“However, this does not give an immediate alert and you should call your usual emergency contact if you feel unwell.” THL5
“You should be aware that this does not need to be a permanent arrangement and you are able to stop using the equipment when you feel the time is right. You can discuss this with your healthcare professional.” THL6
’Telehealth is not an emergency service or a replacement for visiting health professionals”. THL7
“Please remember that our telehealth service is not itself an emergency rather than it aims to help you understand how best to manage your condition” THL8