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Table 6 Messages regarding the cost telehealth service in the analysed THLs

From: A qualitative study of Telehealth patient information leaflets (TILs): are we giving patients enough information?

Portrayed message regarding the cost of the telehealth service Leaflets
“The information will be sent by a telephone to a secure computer… These telephone calls will not cost you anything as they use an 0800 freephone number.” THL3
“The service is led by a dedicated team of nurses, it’s totally free ….” THL4
“The monitor will use your existing telephone line and the information is sent using a free phone number so there will be no call charges.” THL5
“The equipment will be provided free of charge… and will be maintained again free of charge”. THL6
“It is free….” THL7, THL10
Telehealth is part of the ongoing support you will receive from your healthcare team and there is no cost for using it.” THL9