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Table 3 Different aspects presented in the collected leaflets in comparison to the established guidance criteria

From: A qualitative study of Telehealth patient information leaflets (TILs): are we giving patients enough information?

Theme Guidance criteria No of Leaflet(s) matching the criteria
• Knowledge • What is telehealth? • 8 (THL1, THL2, THL3, THL5, THL6, THL7, THL9, THL12)
• How does telehealth work? • 8 (THL1, THL2, THL3, THL5, THL6, THL7, THL9, THL12)
• Outcomes • What will be done about the results? • 6 (THL1, THL2, THL3, THL5, THL7, THL9)
• Reassurance • Technology and equipment (ease of use): reassure patients that they do not need to be computer or technology experts. • 7 (THL2, THL3, THL4, THL5, THL6, THL7, THL9)
• Support regarding technical problems. • 5 (THL2, THL3, THL6, THL9, THL12)
• Confidentiality: state it directly and clarify who gets to see patients monitoring results • 2 (THL3, THL5)
• Costs: mention that the service is free for the patient. • 7 (THL3, THL4, THL5, THL6, THL7, THL9, THL10)
• Benefits • What are the benefits of telehealth? • 9 (THL1, THL2, THL3, THL4, THL6, THL7, THL8, THL9, THL11)
• Choice • State that the service is not a substitute for the traditional face-to-face consultations and patients still have the choice of seeing their HCPs when required.
Telehealth is an extra service and not a substitute for emergency services.
• 6 (THL2, THL3, THL5, THL6, THL7, THL8)
• Previous Experience • Patients positive quotes about telehealth
These quotes provide a source of effective communication of patients’ good experience with telehealth services and consequently will encourage other potential service users.
• 4 (THL2, THL4, THL7, THL9)
• Further Information • Who to contact for further information about the service in general: there will be somebody to help/ guide the user to understand e.g.: HCP or someone at end of phone. • 10 (THL1, THL2, THL3, THL4, THL5, THL6, THL7, THL8 THL10, THL11)
• Information availability in other languages/formats. • 3 (THL2, THL5, THL7)
• Appearance • Visual Presentation using pictures, not only words.
Recommended: Variety of pictures to be included most importantly pictures of how the kit works; patients using the kits at home: images showing different ages, ethnicity and gender of people using the kit.
• 8 (THL2, THL3, THL5, THL6, THL7, THL8, THL9, THL12)