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Table 2 Previous OOPE and subsequent CYa utilization among eligible multiparous women who gave child birth between Jan–Jul 2013 in Gujaratb, India (N = 997)

From: Effect of previous utilization and out-of-pocket expenditure on subsequent utilization of a state led public-private partnership scheme “Chiranjeevi Yojana” to promote facility births in Gujarat, India

  OOPEc in previous child birth
Median (IQR)
Subsequent CY Utilizationd
 CY Utilized (n = 318) 0 (0–33)
 CY Non-Utilization  
  Total (n = 679) 17 (0–49)
  Pvt. CY accredited (n = 192) 40 (3–66)
  Pvt. Non-accredited (n = 174) 49 (11–82)
  Home (n = 313) 8 (0–20)
  1. aa state led public private partnership scheme to increase institutional birth among socially disadvantaged population (which includes both schedule tribes and below poverty line); bStudy Districts-Dahod, Sabarkantha, Surendranagar; cExpenses during previous child birth expressed in Median (IQR) in USD; dThe subsequent child birth of woman with respect to utilization of CY