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Table 1 Previous and subsequent CYa utilization among eligible multiparous women who gave child birth between Jan–Jul 2013 in Gujaratb, India (N = 997)

From: Effect of previous utilization and out-of-pocket expenditure on subsequent utilization of a state led public-private partnership scheme “Chiranjeevi Yojana” to promote facility births in Gujarat, India

  Subsequent CY utilization statusc
CY Utilization N (%) CY non-utilization
Pvt. CY accredited Pvt. Non-accredited Home
N (%) N (%) N (%)
CY Utilization Status in Previous Child birthd
 CY Utilization (n = 289) 182 (63) 45 (16) 29 (10) 33 (11)
 CY Non-Utilization (n = 708) 136 (19) 147 (21) 145 (20) 280 (40)
  1. aa state led public private partnership scheme to increase institutional birth among socially disadvantaged population (which includes both schedule tribes and below poverty line); bStudy districts- Dahod, Sabarkantha, Surendranagar; cThe subsequent child birth of woman with respect to utilization of CY; dThe previous child birth of woman with respect to utilization of CY