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Table 1 Factorial loads corresponding to Varimax rotation for ordinal variables

From: Validation of an instrument for measuring satisfaction of patients undergoing hemodialysis

Item D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 U2
Information offered at the renal unit about your rights and obligations 0.72          0.28
Flexible times and conditions according to your needs 0.71          0.33
Easiness for undergoing laboratory tests 0.67          0.42
Staff respect for your rights as a patient 0.64          0.39
Nice environment at the renal unit 0.61          0.45
Training offered for services provided at the renal unit 0.56          0.39
Compliance with date and time of scheduled appointments 0.56          0.53
Neatness and organization of the renal unit 0.54          0.58
Supplies quality and reliability 0.53          0.61
Compliance with connection/disconnection times 0.51          0.59
Reliability on the technology used for your therapy 0.49          0.53
Comfortable facilities at the renal unit 0.41          0.57
Reliability/credibility inspired by the nurse assistants   0.80         0.15
Nurse assistants’ behavior towards you   0.79         0.21
Nurse assistants being attentive to patients   0.77         0.25
Clarity of the information provided by nurse assistants about your treatment   0.74         0.19
Clarity of the information provided by the nurse about your treatment   0.55         0.38
Guidance provided about self-care and quality of life improvement    0.86        0.07
Reliability/credibility inspired by the psychologist    0.84        0.11
Warmth and kindness of the psychologist - listening to how you feel    0.71        0.26
Contact of the renal unit administrator with patients    0.37        0.62
Quality of the snack supplied at the renal unit    <0.3        0.75
Guidance and support offered for you to manage your social and family environment     0.74       0.22
Orientation and information about activities offered by the renal clinic     0.64       0.31
Social work personnel warmth and kindness     0.60       0.48
Timely response to any request or requirement     0.43       0.46
Easiness to communicate by phone with the renal unit     0.43       0.65
Kindness of the person who answers the phone at the renal unit     0.41       0.48
Reliability/credibility inspired by the physician/nephrologist      0.87      0.12
Physician/nephrologist behavior and bedside manners      0.79      0.25
Clarity of the information provided by the physician about your disease and treatment      0.68      0.35
Physicians are present to solve any issue      0.63      0.40
Assessment of your nutritional status       0.87     0.07
Warmth and kindness of the dietitian       0.77     0.24
Advice from the dietitian for you and your family to be able to apply       0.70     0.27
Timely drug delivery        0.74    0.36
Full medication delivery        0.72    0.38
Kindness of the pharmacist or person supplying the medications        0.71    0.32
Follow-up of your appointments by the admission assistant         0.77   0.14
Kindness of the admission assistant         0.71   0.22
Timing and clarity of guidance provided on requirements         0.56   0.31
Reliability/credibility inspired by nurses          0.68 0.17
Nurses are attentive to patients needs          0.58 0.32
Nurses’ behavior towards you          0.53 0.29
  1. D1-D9: Analyzed domains. U2: Uniqueness